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Chasing the dream

Chasing the dream

Half Moon Island, Deception Island and Caleta Curtis

Upon arriving at Half Moon Island, our excitement reached new heights. As we set foot on land, we were greeted by playful penguins, a sight that warmed our hearts despite the chilly Antarctic air. Although our bikes remained on standby for now, the anticipation for what lay ahead filled the atmosphere with an electrifying energy.

Our journey continued as we sailed towards Deception Island, where the water temperature remained just above freezing. Stepping onto the volcanic terrain, we conducted the first trials of our bikes amidst the windy and cold conditions. Tensions ran high as we tested how our bikes would fare in the unique environment of the Antarctic waters. Over the next few days, we navigated and cycled around the island, marveling at the rugged beauty of the landscape and spotting sea lions basking in the icy sun.

As we approached Caleta Curtis for our second major leg of the journey, the water temperature plummeted below freezing, adding an extra layer of challenge to our expedition. Undeterred, we mounted our bikes and headed towards Isleta Inútil to explore the desolate land. Navigating through icy waters and cycling past the first icebergs of our journey, we were filled with a sense of thrill and wonder. Spotting the first leopard seal only added to the excitement, reminding us of the untamed nature of the Antarctic wilderness.

With each turn of the pedal and each new encounter, the adventure continued to unfold before us, offering us a glimpse into the extraordinary world of Antarctica. Despite the harsh conditions and unpredictable terrain, we pressed on, fueled by the spirit of exploration and the promise of new discoveries awaiting us at every corner.

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