Josep Rubau graduated as an industrial designer at Escuela Superior de Diseño Elisava (Barcelona) and later specialized as a vehicle designer at the Royal College of Arts (London), sponsored by Volkswagen A.G. Later, he continued his professional career in the Advanced Design Center of the company as Car Designer.


Among his designs stand out a Super Bike motorcycle named Miura, inspired by the strength of a Bull (year 1997), the design of the Volkswagen New Beetle Dune 4×4 (year 2000) and becoming the founder and designer of the AD TRAMONTANA (year 2003 to 2010). A supercar with 720 HP of power, made entirely from carbon fiber, approved to circulate in both circuit and conventional roads.
Thanks to all these experiences, as well as his passion for the sea and cycling, the company RED SHARK BIKES is born. Offering a spectacular portable TRIMARAN, to enjoy cycling in the relaxing aquatic world.


The company RED SHARK BIKES is committed to creativity and engineering directly from the LAB and the technical development center located in Roses. In addition, both the production and the suppliers are all first class European. Resulting in a premium product thanks to the high level of quality in each of the parts and components that make up the RED SHARK BIKE.