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The holidays begin to take importance with the most versatile water activity: The new generation of Red Shark Bikes. Who doesn’t like to chill during the hot summer? With the arrival of the new generation of Red Shark Bikes, the new inflatable Bike Board, you will feel as if you were living in a world apart: Discovering new horizons.

Kayaking, rafting, canyoning, kite surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing… There are lots of water activities, that provide fun and adventure, but little new excitement. If you are looking for new thrills, if you want to give yourself a change of scene and you wish for more than just fun and adventure, the new inflatable Bike Board Enjoy will make your dreams come true. It is more than just a water activity: Once you ride it, you will feel freedom, relax and happiness.

Now that we know you are tempted by it… Do you want to know more details about it? Here are some of them! All the new inflatable Bikes Board models (Race, Fitness and Enjoy) can be shared simultaneously. What does that mean?  The Bike Board is very functional and fast to put in the water, the whole family can go with the Bike Board from the beach or from the port or from the boat… Although only one person can pedal it, everybody (no matter the age) can ride it, on the bike, sitting, enjoying the landscape, for example. Or if, on the other hand, you have a friend who also wants to pedal, he can follow you with another Bike Board 😉 You can always compete with each other, which sounds even more exciting. You can share the experience with whomever you want.

We want you to get the most out of the new inflatable Bike Board, and that is why, unlike most other water activities, you can use it 365 days of the year, the weather and the cold are not a constraint at all!

Everything is changing in our world constantly and the climate change’s impact is increasing more and more. Therefore, we are committed to an eco-friendly world, our product respects nature with the silence and the zero emissions it causes while you are riding it.

To sum up, the water activity you can’t afford to miss this summer is the experience with an inflatable Bike Board. You need to write it down on your bucket list. It will make your life a blast!

More information about our products here!

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