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Red Shark Bikes designed the new generation of Electric Water Bikes. Electricity is one of the main sources of energy used in the world today. What would we do without the lighting? Without being communicated with radio or television? Would you be able to survive without all the electrical appliances you have in your home?

Red Shark Bikes E-Water Bikes are created with much more autonomy and a unique and only agility, they present the innovative E-Water Bike system with a powerful electric motor to reach your goal.

They are designed specifically for you, for all those who love water, sea, rivers, lakes, any aquatic surface. Yes, your new electric water bike adapts to you, to your needs, to your lifestyle and to your favorite paradisiacal place.

If you’re already starting to imagine what your trip would be like with one of our electric water bikes, you just need to discover a bit more to convince yourself.

Besides adapting to you completely, it has a great list of extras: Transport included in the total price, warranty against manufacturing defects, a portable pack, a retractable rudder, a rear trunk, a propeller (one unit included), a bottle holder, a bottle, one frame 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL)… And a 2 year warranty! But you will wonder about the battery, which is the most important: Although it has a long duration, if you are prudent and you prefer to prevent, you can add an extra in your pack.

Red Shark Bikes and the new generation of Electric Water Bikes: Its main novelties of 2019. Will electric water bikes become a basic necessity? Going ahead to the future is the key to success.
The unstoppable rise makes them more and more common in our society and, if I were you, just in case, I would be ahead 😉 More information at here!

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