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Red Shark Bikes water bikes can also become a stand up paddle surf!

The new Red Shark Bikes model, the Bike Surf, has two functions in one. You can practice two sports at the same time without the need to buy any extra material.

Red Shark Bikes has two inflatable models: The Bike Surf Enjoy and the Bike Surf Fitness. On the one hand, the main function of the Bike Surf Enjoy is to relax in the middle of the sea, to walk over the water feeling safe, without fear of falling down, to connect with the calm and your inner peace. You don’t have to know how to pedal a lot, just by letting yourself go with your rhythm you will get very far.

On the other hand, the Bike Surf Fitness is intended for people who like sports, who could consider the Bike Surf as their favorite hobby. Unlike the Enjoy model that, perhaps, you only use it for fun, Fitness model has the function of training, of getting fit: You can enjoy it with a friend, challengin yourselves… It has the objective of being used more often than the Enjoy one.

It is obvious that in all families and couples there are always different tastes: There will be some who prefer to pedal, and others paddle, so there are these two models, to do some magic and become what you want at any time. Two in one: Bike Surf or Stand Up Paddle Surf? You choose.

If Red Shark Bikes water bikes can also become a stand up paddle surf, why do you need a stand up paddle surf that can’t become a Bike Surf Take advantage of the new generation and double function of the Bike Surf to renovate your storeroom and gain space, time and money. You only need to decide with your family or partner which one fits you better, Enjoy or Fitness? Buy it now!

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