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Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show is one of the leading events worldwide held in one of the smallest cities around the world, Monaco. It is a water exhibition of the biggest yachts in Europe. Red Shark Bikes in Monaco Yacht Show introduced to the public the new water bikes and their attractive and water benefits.

Monaco Yacht Show is always celebrated annually, during the same month and at the same place: At the Port Hercules (Monaco). The first edition of the show was held in 1991. This year, being the 27th edition, took place from the 26th to 30th of September and it was a great success. There were over 580 exhibitors from 38 different countries around the world, and there were exhibited more than 121 incredible superyachts. The new area called “Tenders & Toys” – area where there were many water complements and innovative and luxury accessories – allowed the show to open the door to new products into the nautical market and changed so many lifestyles expectations. This year’s edition was also special because there was a new floating exhibition and it made the event turned into a showcase for the global industry, where different needs and brilliant initiatives were joined and, that may end up with successful in a future.

Red Shark Bikes in Monaco Yacht Show had the fantastic opportunity to show the world its three different water bike models, each of them perfect to suit different lifestyles, tastes and interests. In fact, the entire Red Shark Bikes team are ready to come back next year, create new synergies, and let our Red Shark Bikes make the grade, surprise and speak for themselves.

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