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The presence of Red Shark Bikes at Sea Otter Europe was essential, it was clear that it was going to be a prominent entry in the market! Red Shark Bikes had the opportunity to launch its first model of water bike in this latest edition. The Premium model, designed for athletes, lightweight, resistant and created with the latest generation materials that immerse yourself in a unique aquatic experience.

Sea Otter Europe is a world cycling community, popular called ‘The Bike Show in Europe’.

It is one of the biggest cycling festivals in the world, where you can discover everything about the cycling sector: clothing and accessories, technology applied to cycling, health and nutrition, clubs and tourist destination specialized in bicycle tourism, etc.

Sea Otter Europe is celebrated in Laguna Seca (California) since 1991 and, it has always been growing with an ongoing development. In 2017 was the first time the show took place in Girona (Costa Brava). After its great success, Girona was chosen again as the best destination for the Edition 2018, this time under the collaborative name Sea Otter Europe Costa-Brava-Girona Bike Show. The wide range of innovations in the sports and commercial areas is an attraction for some of renowned worldwide personalities, such as Purito Rodríguez, Thiago Ferreia, Claudia Galicia or José Antonio Hermida.

Even so, Red Shark Bikes had very close to home the perfect show to introduce its newcomer in the world: The new water bike which allows you to pedal on any surface water: in the sea, in a lake or in a river. It all depends on the experience you want to live, to understand your needs, or just to challenge yourself and discover how adventurous you are.

Red Shark Bikes at Sea Otter Europe left its mark launching its new project and making the public get involved with it. In the near future, Sea Otter Europe has all those tools to become the world’s most prestigious showcase of bicycle industry. On 8th, 9th and 10th of June was displayed the reality of the show: The role as a European reference which appears in the calendars of the best brands around the world.

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