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Reaching the Antarctica on water bikes

Reaching the Antarctica on water bikes

The dream of three friends to reach the Antarctica on water bikes

Josep Rubau, Lluís Balasch i Jesus Prieto starts their journey this March. The three childhood friends aim to arrive at the Antarctic coast with water bikes in a groundbreaking expedition supported by Red Shark Bikes and guided by the experienced adventurer Antonio de la Rosa.

After over six years of bicycle development and a year of preparation, three anonymous individuals with no experience in extreme climates seek to navigate for the first time in history with water bikes in one of the world’s most demanding environments. Simultaneously, with water bikes in an expedition aimed at promoting mobility and sustainable adventures, with zero emissions to respect a wild natural environment, they become protagonists in a personal adventure that aims to break the boundaries of the everyday lives of Rubau, Balasch, and Prieto.

The personal challenge of three friends has materialized into one of the greatest challenges of their lives, and the democratization of sustainable adventure as the backdrop. An adventure that serves to articulate a documentary aimed at digital platforms, which seeks to capture the determination, excitement, and personal empowerment.

This coming Tuesday, February 27th, the expedition sets off towards Tierra del Fuego, at the southernmost tip of South America, to prepare for its journey through the Drake Passage to Antarctica.

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