What is a Bike Surf?

Sail the waters. Ride the sea.
Discover the sea in a different way.

The new Bike Surf by Red Shark Bikes allows you to enjoy a ride on the water in an easy and ecological way. Available in three adjustable models for all ages and heights: Enjoy, Fitness and Adventure. The three versions of the Bike Surf by Red Shark Bikes have an ergonomic design to feel the sea at your feet… without getting wet!

All models of the Bike Surf can be assembled without tools within minutes. All you have to do is inflate the inflatable board, anchor your chassis and adapt it to your height.

You can easily transport it to your favourite beach or jump in the water from the boat, and bring company! The size of the inflatable board allows you to comfortably carry other passengers while you pedal on the sea.

Why expose it in my Nautical?

A new nautical toy that will make all your customers enjoy

You will have a novel, differentiating and quality product in your exhibition.

It will bring you NEW INCOME to your current marketing team.

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