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Red Shark Bikes expands its range with the Bike Board, the new generation of portable water bikes that will revolutionize the sector. The brand launched them during the new edition of the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava.

Red Shark Bikes, once again, goes beyond the technological novelties and the latest trends: The creation of the new generation of water bikes that its public was waiting for. Josep Rubau, the creator of Red Shark Bikes, divides this new range into 3 different models: the Bike Board Enjoy, the Bike Board Fitness and the Bike Board Race.


The Bike Board Enjoy is the first inflatable model, intended for families, friends, with the aim of having a good time. Freedom, relax, happiness, are some of the values ​​that define it. Its price is: 2.475€.


The Bike Board Fitness is the second inflatable model, it is useful for all the people who have an active, a healthy life and like to get fit. It is defined by concepts such as: training, ergonomic, quality or functional. Its price is: from 2.675€.


The Bike Board Race is the Premium within this range, so it is full carbon, which means that it can not be inflated. It is ideal if you are a professional athlete: light weight, technology, personal improvement. Its price is: 9.875€.

Each of them is designed to make people from different life profiles dream: professionals and elite athletes, people who love the nautical world, those who have a Fitness lifestyle, families who like to spend time together and live new adventures, amateurs who like to try new hobbies during their free time… The new generation of water bikes keeps a place for everyone.

The Bike Board implements new features and new advantages, connected to the renewal of a new brand concept: Fun, adrenaline, comfort, but also elegance, luxury and details made with materials of the best quality such as carbon fiber. Red Shark Bikes took into account every little detail and it is prepared to surprise you again.

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