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Visualizing The Goal

Visualizing the goal

From navigating through icy waters near towering glaciers to encountering playful penguins and majestic leopard seals, each day has been filled with awe-inspiring experiences and unforgettable encounters with the wonders of the Antarctic wilderness. As we press on towards the…

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An Incomparable Fauna

An incomparable fauna

As we embarked on our adventure with aquatic bikes, we found ourselves immersed in a world of wonder and discovery. Enjoying the calm waters near a glacier towering over 100 meters, we marveled at the serene beauty that surrounded us.…

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Chasing The Dream

Chasing the dream

Half Moon Island, Deception Island and Caleta Curtis Upon arriving at Half Moon Island, our excitement reached new heights. As we set foot on land, we were greeted by playful penguins, a sight that warmed our hearts despite the chilly…

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Heading Into The Unknown

Heading into the unknown

Heading into the unknown: defying the Drake Passage From the southernmost tip of South America, in the majestic Tierra del Fuego, the odyssey to Antarctica continues. Rubau, Balasch and Prieto have arrived safely at this crucial point of the journey…

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